QTCCC (Quality and Technology Certification and Consultation Service Centre, Guangdong Beauty and CosmeticAssociation), was founded in 2000. Over the years, QTCCC has been dedicated to obtaining?Registration Credence of?Imported Cosmetics for Non-Special Purpose?(hereafter referred to as?Credence),?Hygiene Permit Document of Imported?Cosmetics for Special Purpose?(hereafter referred to as?Document) and?Hygiene Permit Document of Domestic?Cosmetics for Special Purpose?(hereafter referred to as?Approval Document) issued by the China Food and DrugAdministration and?Electronic Registration Credence of Domestic Cosmetics for Non-Special Purpose?(hereafter referredto as?Electronic Credence) released by the China Food and Drug Administration, registering new cosmetic ingredients?with the China Food and Drug Administration, as well as applying for labeling record of import-export cosmetics or food to?the Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine institution for domestic and overseas hairdressing or cosmetic manufacturing anddistribution companies.


QTCCC, with its pledge of “Integrity, Professionalism, Quality and Efficiency”, has won clients and built a good reputation through its powerful technical support, trustworthy and timely service, contractual compliance, measures taken for confidentiality promises to clients, and perfect completion of clients’ authorization. Through the years, QTCCC has provided product registration and other services, such as quality and technology certification and consultation for numerous companies. The target clients are high-profile domestic and foreign companies, such as OPI Product Inc., Estee Launder Companies Inc., Pevonia International, Kao Germany GmbH, Kadus, Jurlique International Pty Ltd., Valeant Pharmaceuticals Australasia Pty. Ltd., the A.S. Watson Group, Innovia Design Limited, Aromatherapy Associates, FANCL Corporation, C.E.D.I.P S.A.M., Schick Asia Limited, Taiwan Salt Industrial Corporation, Ltd, President Pharmaceutical Corp., Getting Points Biotechnology Inc., Jourdeness International CO., Ltd., Ausnow International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Nanfang Lee Kum Kee Co., Ltd, Chaoba Hairdressing Limited, etc.

QTCCC strictly abides to domestic laws, regulations and policies and endeavours to vindicate its clients’ legal rights. The officials from the National Center for Health Inspection and Supervision, Guangdong Economic and Trading Committee, Liwan District Government of Guangzhou and the Center of Disease Control & Prevention of Guangdong Province visited QTCCC and expressed their recognition of QTCCC’s work.

365外围不想玩了At present, QTCCC has established business relations with numerous organizations, such as Personal Care Products Council of U.S.A. (former CTFA), Business Affairs Department of the American Consulate in Guangzhou, the Economic Department of the British Embassy in China, the Business Affairs Department of the Australian Consulate in Guangzhou, the Business Affairs Department of the Israel Embassy, the Business Affairs Department of the Thai Consulate in Guangzhou, the Business Affairs Department of the Denmark Consulate in Guangzhou, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the Business Affairs Department of the Indonesian Consulate in Guangzhou, the Wallonia Trade & Development Agency of Belgium in Guangzhou, the Thai Department of Export Promotion, the Thai Cosmetics Association, the French National Beauticians Association, the Korea Cosmetics Association and the Spa & Wellness Association of Singapore. QTCCC has been interviewed and featured by various media outlets, such as CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, China's Economic Review of People’s Daily, Guangdong TV, Hong Kong Economic Daily, News Channel of Hong Kong Cable, and GD-HK Information Daily.

Furthermore, QTCCC has Quality Management System to make sure customers’ needs are satisfied speedily and accurately with more unified and systematic management.

QTCCC is client-focused, and as such clients’ needs are the driving force that inspires QTCCC to provide swift and excellent professional services for its clients at reasonable charges. When clients sign contracts with QTCCC, all the work involving the application for?Credence,?Document,?Electronic Credence,?Approval Document, registration of new cosmetic ingredients or labeling record will be accomplished by QTCCC.?

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